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Post-war period and the 600th Anniversary of the University

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IRO's history

Post-war period and the 600th Anniversary of the Jagiellonian University

After the liberation of Kraków from the German occupation, the Jagiellonian University, despite 25% of losses in its academic staff, began its 581st academic year on 19 March 1945. Firstly, the University concentrated on developing its chairs and institutes as well as opening new faculties and study programmes. The reorganisation of higher education in Poland in 1948 led to moving a few faculties from the Jagiellonian University and transforming them into separate institutions of higher education. In the academic year 1954/55 the final structure of the JU was established – five faculties.  

The JU chronicles of 1945-56 do not contain many data concerning the University's international relations. They mention visits of scholars and students from France as well as the USSR, Finland, Latin America, Sweden, Vietnam and China.

In 1961 the Jagiellonian University began preparing its 600th Anniversary. It sent invitations to universities and research centres all over the world. As a result the Anniversary in 1964 gathered 236 guests from 26 countries (45 rectors from 22 Western universities and 23 from the Soviet block, 25 representatives of different universities and 166 foreign profe­ssors) from 69 universities, including Harvar­d, Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Vienna or University of Columbia New York. 


The visits of those rectors were occasions to begin scientific collaboration leading to agreements, e.g. Prof. Erkki Kivinen from the University of Helsinki signed an agreement of scientific co-operation with the JU in June 1964.