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Education Programme

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“Project number EOG/21/K2/W/0026 Component II - Mobility in higher education the EDUCATION PROGRAMME benefits from funding of EUR 103,230.00 received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA funds. The aim of the Project is to strengthen the cooperation between the Jagiellonian University and partner institutions in the field of mobility of students and academic and administrative staff of the Jagiellonian University”. 


The Education Programme was signed on the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) - an inter-governmental agreement concerning the implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 concluded between Iceland, Principality of Liechtenstein, Kingdom of Norway and Poland.

The overall objective of the Education Programme is to reduce economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and to strengthen bilateral relations in the area of education between Poland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The European Economic Area (EEA) Grants

The European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (EEA FM) represents the contribution of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - three EFTA (European Free Trade Association) countries - to the creation of a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

There are two general objectives: reducing economic and social disparities in Europe and strengthening bilateral relations between the Donor States and 15 EU countries from Central and Southern Europe and the Baltic Sea area. The three Donor States work closely with the EU under the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA). Donors provided €3.3 billion through successive programs of funds between 1994 and 2014. EEA funding for 2014-2021 amounts to €1.55 billion.

The priorities for this period:

  • 1. innovation, research, education and competitiveness;
  • 2. social inclusion, youth employment and poverty reduction;
  • 3. environment, energy, climate change and low carbon economy;
  • 4. culture, civil society, good governance and fundamental rights;
  • 5. justice and home affairs.

More information on EEA Grants can be found at

The priority areas of the Education Programme include:

  •  inclusive education,
  •  governance in the education sector,
  •  development of quality culture including internal quality assurance systems,
  •  development and promotion of the VET sector, including dual education systems, cooperation between vocational education and training institutions with employers, 
  • development of career guidance,
  • child welfare education.

General information                                   

The Education Programme provides for calls for proposals under 4 Components:

Component I – Professional development of staff

Component II – Mobility in Higher Education

Component III – Institutional cooperation – vocational education and training

Component IV – Institutional cooperation

Component II – Mobility in Higher Education

As part of the Education Programme, the Jagiellonian University implements the Project in "Component II - Mobility in higher education". The project enables the financing of semester mobilities of Polish students to universities from the Donor States and visits of students from the Donor States to Poland as well as the financing teaching assignment-based mobilities of academic teachers between Poland and the Donor States and HEI staff mobilities between Poland and the Donor States for job shadowing, participation in seminars, training, workshops and conferences aimed at improving skills and expanding knowledge in a given field.

Component II mobilities of students and HEI staff funded by the Education Programme are mobilities based on the principles of the Erasmus+ Programme for Higher Education.

The budget of the second call for proposals

Total amount available to be awarded to project promoters (EEA Grants 2014-2021 and national contribution) through the call for proposals amounts to:

EUR 14 381 096

Component 1: EUR 822 740

Component 2: EUR 1 371 178

Component 3: EUR 6 513 589

Component 4: EUR 5 673 589

Participants of the Education Programme

Poland and Donor States: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

National Agency

The role of the Education Program Operator is performed by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System (FRSE).