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Travel insurance

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As a result of completed proceedings under the open tender procedure, the following insurance company has been selected:

Wiener TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group
with its registered office at 162 Wołoska St., 02-675 Warsaw

Insurance coverage is granted to staff members, PhD candidates and students once you have been accepted for the travel based on your Travel Request Form submitted to the IRO. Your insurance as the travelling person covers only the period of time between the dates of departure from Poland and return to Poland, as specified in your Travel Request Form, approved of by the appropriate JU Vice-Rector. The insurance is valid in the destination country, as specified in your Travel Request Form, and in transit countries only.

If your stay abroad is extended for business reasons, it is possible to extend the insurance coverage period in Wiener TU S.A., but only if you submit a letter with the information about extending your stay for business reasons. Your letter must include your immediate supervisor’s consent and it should be submitted to the JU IRO at least 10 days in advance, so that there is enough time to complete procedures related to the insurance coverage period extension.

The scope of insurance contract concluded with Wiener TU S.A. covers the medical expenses, accident insurance and travel luggage insurance as well as the medical expenses related to chronic diseases.

As a travelling person please remember that the equipment owned by the University is not insured abroad; thus, it is necessary to purchase additional insurance policy, especially in case of electronic devices. Such additional insurance policies will be funded by individual units. Announcement No. 14 of the JU Chancellor of July 27, 2022.


  • locating the nearest medical facility
  • arranging transport to the indicated location
  • making payments to medical facilities, transport companies, hotels and other service providers
  • coordinating the transfer of information and supervising the course of treatment
  • maintaining contact with closest relatives of the injured person and informing them about the injured person’s state of health
  • other non-standard actions required by the situation of the injured person


  • complications after 32nd week of pregnancy,
  • childbirth which took place after 32nd week of pregnancy,
  • abortion procedure, unless it was carried out in order to rescue life or health,
  • mental disorders,
  • plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments,
  • repair or purchase of prostheses and protective aids, theft of travel luggage, unless there are signs of breaking in or removing the existing securities or unless it is the result of robbery (the robber used force or threatened to do so immediately).

Should you need medical help or hospitalization abroad due to a sudden illness or an unfortunate accident, please contact

Emergency Centre / HELP LINE 24H
open 24/7 – choosing one of the following numbers:

+ 48 22 741 39 70 – please provide the coordinator with your first name, surname, insurance policy number, contact phone number and describe what has happened. The assistance service is conducted in Polish.

+48 22 469 69 69 – if you want to report a claim under accident cover.

Alarm phone number and insurance policy number are provided on the Wiener TU S.A. voyage card, issued for every travelling person by the JU International Relations Office on the basis of the approved Travel Request Form.

In all matters related to insurance policy and claim filing please contact directly Willis Towers Watson Polska Sp. z o.o. Oddział Śląski / Oddział w Krakowie with its registered office at Krakow, ul. Opolska 22, 40-084 Katowice

All matters concerning JU insurance are handled by:

1) treatment cost abroad, KL Certificates for foreign travels:

a) Aleksandra Cebo – phone: +48 698 657 793, e-mail:
b) Marcin Lewicki – phone: +48 781 660 058, e-mail:

2) floating policy, civil liability

a) Marcin Lewicki – phone: +48 781 660 058, e-mail:
b) Mariusz Drysch – phone: +48 535 001 355, e-mail:

3) car insurance

a) Michał Barwicki – phone: +48 733 998 972, e-mail:
b) Gabriela Groborz – phone: +48 93 817 232, e-mail:

4) damage reporting

Edyta Orzeł – phone: +48 695 952 731, e-mail:

5) general matters, supervision of the implementation of the insurance program:

a) Marcin Lewicki – phone:+48 781 660 058, e-mail:
b) Anna Księżyk – phone: +48 663 369 319, e-mail:

Willis Towers Watson Polska Sp. z o.o.
Centrala: ul. Domaniewskiego 34a, 02-672 Warszawa
Oddział Śląski / Oddział w Krakowie: ul. Opolska 22
, 40-084 Katowice

Additional information on insurance matters is provided by the Office of the Deputy Chancellor to the matters of Property Administration, phone: +48 12 663 38 82.

  • immediately, not later than within 3 days from the date of the occurrence of the event included in the insurance protection, to inform the Emergency Centre of Wiener TU S.A. of the event,
  • to give the information necessary to provide aid, and in particular: first name and surname, PESEL [Personal ID] number, description of the event and type of the necessary aid, and additional information requested by the operator of the Emergency Centre of Wiener TU S.A., as well as the information regarding the place of stay giving the possibility to contact the Insured,
  • upon the request of Wiener TU S.A., to submit documents proving the occurrence of the event included in the insurance protection and the fact of incurred expenses due to it, in the form of the original bills,
  • to attempt to mitigate the consequences of the event included in the insurance protection, undergoing medical care and to follow the medical doctor’s instructions
  • to provide the medical documentation and to cooperate with Wiener TU S.A. and the Emergency Centre of Wiener TU S.A. during the ongoing claim handling procedure, providing necessary information and powers of attorney,
  • to exempt medical doctors he/she was treated by, health care institutions and Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych [Social Insurance Institution, ZUS] from the obligation to keep secret in the scope necessary to determine the Insured’s right to benefit, and to express the  consent for making the medical documentation available to Wiener TU S.A.,
  • upon the order of Wiener TU S.A., to undergo medical examination or diagnostic tests with minimum risk, exclusive of genetic tests, in order to assess the insurance risk, determine the degree of a permanent detriment to health and determine the right to benefit and the amount thereof.

  • to use means available to him/her in order to rescue the subject of insurance as well as to prevent from the damage or reduce the size thereof,
  • to immediately inform a local Police unit, not later than within 3 days from the occurrence of the insurance event, of any case of theft with burglary, or robbery, as well as to receive a written confirmation of this fact,
  • if the theft with burglary was made when the travel luggage was under the Insured’s care during travelling by organised means of transportation or in the place of accommodation, to report the event to the carrier or the management of the place of insurance, as well as to receive a written confirmation of this fact,
  • to inform Wiener TU S.A. immediately, not later than within 7 days from return to the Republic of Poland or the Insured’s country of residence, of the occurrence of the damage, submitting at the same time the specification of the lost or destroyed items including their number and value, as well as to submit within 14 days from when Wiener TU S.A. was informed the above-mentioned confirmation,
  • in case of damage connected with electronic or sports equipment – to submit original proofs of purchase of the said items or other proofs confirming the fact of their purchase.

INSURANCE CARD is available here. Policy no.: COR422572

Please read the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

The General Terms and Conditions of Insurance include:

KL - treatment cost abroad (the scope of insurance covers treatment costs related to COVID-19)

150.000 EUR*

KL - cost of treatment arising in connection with a sudden illness as a result of chronic illness

up to 100% of the sum insured

NNW - Accident insurance

10.000 PLN

BP - travel baggage insurance

5.000 PLN

KRP - Rescue and search costs 15.000 EUR*

KLP - Costs of treatment arising in connection with the pursuit of gainful employment

*The exchange rate of PLN to EUR is converted according to the current exchange rate of Narodowy Bank Polski as of the date of the potential event.

within the KL sum insured



Please read the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.