Bilateral exchange

Bilateral exchange

Bilateral exchange of undergraduate and graduate students is the exchange specified and realized within academic co-operation agreements which the Jagiellonian University has signed with international institutions at university, faculty and institute level.

Details concerning the realization  of student exchange can be found in information related to particular partner universities listed by countries. They vary according with the requirements of receiving institutions.

The rules for application, information about calls and basic principles applicable to the semester or one year mobility are stated below.  


Information concerning short term mobility of doctoral students (up to 30 days)  can be found HERE


Basic information concerning the principles of the realization of undergraduate/graduate student exchange  (one semester or one year mobility):

  •  the mobility is possible only after receiving the letter of acceptance from the host university,
  •  participants of exchange buy tickets (plane/train/bus) only in the company selected on the basis of a tender procedure published by the Jagiellonian University if their travel costs are covered from the JU means,
  •  participants of exchange have insurance provided by the company selected on the basis of a tender procedure published by the Jagiellonian University; the general terms and conditions of business and travel insurance are available HERE,
  •  those who cannot realise their mobility in the approved period are obliged immediately to inform the JU IRO thereof, submitting a written communication  – their mobility cannot be realised in the next academic year.

General principles of recognition of the learning outcomes:

  • according to the academic co-operation agreement the Jagiellonian University ensures that its graduate/undergraduate students propose a programme of study/research at the hosting institution that will be approved by host universities and appropriate representatives of the students’ units;
  • the modules or courses proposed must fulfil the exchange students’ degree requirements at the Jagiellonian University. Enrolment in modules or courses is subject to availability and pre-requisites of the host institution. Exchange students may propose alternative module choices;
  • JU appropriate representatives are responsible for approving the contents of the learning programme before students departure to the hosting institution for the recognition of the learning outcomes;
  • the study achievements, assessed by the grade, are indicated in the Transcript of Records of the hosting institution and are recognized and recorded in the Diploma Supplement,  if the learning programme is fulfilled. If in the Transcript of Records it is indicated that the student has passed the subject but the learning outcomes are not evaluated by the mark, the evaluation and the recognition is performed by the JU appropriate representatives according to the approved assessment procedures of a certain study programme.


European countries

Short-term visits - up to 30 days


Non-European countries