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Visiting Professors Program

Visiting Professor

On the basis of the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education dated December 7, 2016, amending the regulation on the mode of allotting grants from the national budget to public and private institutions of higher education, a Visiting Professor:

  • Does not hold Polish citizenship;
  • Holds the title of professor or art professor, or is employed in the position of a professor at a foreign institution of higher education, research or scientific institute;
  • Is obliged to carry out a min. of 60 hours of didactics within a given academic year; the course(s) must be concluded with a chosen form or crediting.

The mode of the courses conducted by a Visiting Professor include min. 60 didactic hours in a given academic year, concluded with a chosen form of crediting. The course offered by the Visiting Proffesor can be a part of the curriculum taught at the JU unit, or an original course, as per the needs of the faculty.


Refer to your hosting unit to obtain information on your contract type. Health insurance is obligatory in Poland but your insurance coverage depends on the type of contract you conclude with your hosting unit;

  • If your employment is based on a specific task contract (umowa o dzieło) you are not provided by JU with any insurance coverage; it is therefore necessary for you to obtain a comprehensive insurance policy valid in Poland throughout the mobility period, covering insurance to the extent required by JU, in particular the costs of: medical care in case of illness, transport to and stay in a hospital, medical visits, treatment in a medical facility, unfortunate accidents determined by your tasks at JU as well as potential consequences of such accidents. Please note that you are obliged to provide the JU International Relations Office with a copy of your insurance policy, issued in or translated into English;
  • If your employment is based on a contract of mandate (umowa-zlecenie) you are entitled to compulsory health insurance in the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia, NFZ);
  • Regardless of the contract type, make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage to the extent required by JU for the travel period.

The Host Faculty

  • Is responsible for inviting the Professor and ensuring that they meet the requirements of the Program;
  • Places an application to JU International Relations Office as a reply to opened call;
  • Allocates in the budget funds to cover the didactic component of each of the Visiting Professors (max. 15,000 PLN/ person). The unit hosting a Visiting Professor will receive reimbursement of the cost of the Guest's emolument based on the information obtained from the JU Human Resources (Centrum Spraw Osobowych);
  • Enters into a civil-law contract in a form of a contract of mandate or a specific work contract with the Visiting Professor, on the basis of which the Professor will conduct planned course(s);
  • Informs the Guest about the rules of health and accident insurance valid in Poland throughout the mobility period.

The costs

From the budget of the Program Jagiellonian University covers:

  • The cost of didactics – 60h*250 PLN/person;
  • Accommodation (guaranteed for timely applications);
  • Cost of travel (one-off, return ticket, economy class);
  • Additional funds may be allotted by the JU hosting units from their own budgets. 

In case of change of travel date, costs incurred are covered by the Guest’s hosting unit.
In case of cancellation of planned visit, and inability to use the apartment booked for the Guest by anyone else, the cost of the accommodation is covered by original Guest’s hosting unit.

Post-acceptance actions


Once you are accepted for the Program please register in the JU Central Register for International Guests via the Registration Form. Registration is required for securing travel and accommodation arrangements.


All plane, bus and train tickets financed by JU must be bought via WhyNotTravel Agency cooperating with the Jagiellonian University in terms of travel arrangements. 

In order to book suitable plane/bus/train ticket please contact the WhyNotTravel office at: with a request providing: destination (there and back), exact dates of departure and return, travel route and preferred travel hours. Specify in your e-mail that you are coming to JU within the Visiting Professors Program and include in the correspondence Ms Monika Kołek ( who will be responsible for securing travel arrangements.

Wait for an e-mail from WhyNotTravel, providing you with three proposals for travel connections.

Choose one of the offers and inform WhyNotTravel (CC Ms Monika Kołek) about your choice.

Please remember that the Jagiellonian University will finance economy class of ticket only and that the final travel cost must be approved of by the Project Coordinator.

Once the transaction is completed, you will receive booked tickets to your e-mail address.

Please inform the International Relations Office that you intend to travel by car. The cost of travel will then be subject to reimbursement​.


Secure your Certificate of Tax Residence (issued in or translated into English), in order to avoid double taxation.


  • Accommodation is provided by the Jagiellonian University in apartments located in Krakow.
  • Once your visit is set you will receive an e-mail from the International Relations Office regarding your accommodation.
  • Collect the keys from the International Relations Office (4 Czapskich Street, 31-110 Kraków) in accordance with the e-mail arrangments.

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