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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

Visiting Professors Program

Visiting Professor

As per the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education dated December 7, 2016, amending the regulation on the mode of allotting grants from the national budget to public and private institutions of higher education, a visiting professor:

  1. Does not hold Polish citizenship;
  2. Holds the title of professor or art professor, or is employed in the capacity of a professor at another institution of higher education, research institute, the scientific institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a foreign institution of higher education or foreign research institution;
  3. Is obliged to carry out a min. of 60 hours of didactics within a given academic year; the course(s) must be concluded with a chosen form or crediting.

The mode of the courses conducted by a visiting professor:

  1. Min. 60 didactic hours in a given academic year, concluded with a chosen form of crediting;
  2. A course that is already a part of the curriculum taught at the JU, or an original course, as per the needs of the faculty.

The Host Faculty

  1. Is responsible for inviting the professor and ensuring that s/he meets the requirements of the program;
  2. Relays the invitation propositions to JU International Relations Office (JU IRO) for approval and including in the budget of the program;
  3. Must allocate in its budget the funds for the didactic component of the costs (max. 15,000 PLN/ person). The funds will be refunded by the JU IRO based on the information obtained from the Human resources (Pol. DSO);
  4. Enters into a specific-task contract or a freelance agreement with the professor, on the basis of which the professor will conduct the course(s);
  5. Reminds the Guest of the necessity to obtain a comprehensive health and accident insurance valid in Poland throughout teh mobility period.

The costs

  1. The budget of the JU IRO covers:
  • The cost of didactics – 60h*250 PLN/person (see point c in "The Host Faculty" section);
  • Accommodation (guaranteed for timely applications);
  • Cost of travel (one-off, return ticket, economy class).
  1. Additional funds may be allotted by the host faculty/ organizational unit from their own budgets;
  2. In case of change of travel date, costs incurred are covered by the guest’s host faculty/ organizational unit;
  3. In case of cancellation of a planned visit, and inability to use the apartment booked for the guest by anyone else, the cost of the accommodation is covered by original guest’s host faculty/ organizational unit.

Post-acceptance actions

Registration, travel, and accommodation:

  1. Upon acceptance of their visit by the JU IRO, the Guests must register as the Visiting Professors via the REGISTRATION FORM. Information of the registration requirement is relayed to the guest by their host faculty/ organizational unit or the JU IRO.
  2. Registration is required for settlement of travel costs.
  3. Purchase of travel tickets is to be made by the agency of WhyNotTravel and the costs must first be accepted by the  Visiting Professors Program Coordinator. JU IRO reserves the right to questioning the purchase of tickets in case of too high costs.
  4. In case of change of the dates of the visit, the JU IRO may be unable to secure an accommodation in a period other than the original.

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron