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Formalities before the trip

After receiving information about qualifying for the mobility, the Participant submits to the International Relations Office (4 Czapskich Street, room no. 12) no later than 14 days before departure:


Trip settlement

At the end of the stay at the host university, the employee must obtain a written Certificate about the period of stay at this university. In the case of academic employees leaving for didactic purposes, the Certificate must include information on the number of hours of didactic classes and their subject. Draft Certificates required by the me can be downloaded from the Documents box.

The period of stay confirmed by the university must be the same as the period of stay indicated in the Individual teaching or training programme and in the financial agreement.

Within 14 days after returning from the host institution, the employee is obliged to settle the trip with the International Relations Office. Documents required to settle the trip:

  • Mobility Agreement with all signatures
  • Certificate of participation signed by authorized persons at the partner university
  • An ex-post questionnaire completed and signed by the Participant
  • Confirmation of costs incurred for language preparation