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THE EDUCATION PROGRAMME Component II – Mobility in Higher Education enables incoming and outgoing mobilities of students and HEI staff to/from Jagiellonian University and to/from partner universities of Donor States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

The implementation of the EDUCATION PROGRAMME at the Jagiellonian University in the frame of signed financial agreement and obtained funds will take place as:

  • outgoing mobilities of JU staff and students to Norway and Iceland
  • incoming mobilities of staff and students from Norway and Iceland

The International Students is responsible for students mobilities within the Programme.

The offer for JU employees includes:

  • teaching mobilities (STA)
  • training mobilities (STT)

The purpose of the teaching mobility is to conduct didactic classes for students of the partner university (min. 8 hours), monitor the course of studies pursued by students of the Jagiellonian University at a foreign university and to learn about the implementation of the didactic process in the field of their specialization.

The purpose of the training mobility is to participate in training raising qualifications related to the nature of work performed at the home university.

Teaching mobilities may be carried out by academic teachers, while training trips may be carried out by academic teachers as well as administrative staff, research and technical staff, librarians and lectors.